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Our list of daily products

Pizza Boxes

Pizza Boxes

Pizza Boxes

Foam food Containers

Gift Bag

Gift Flower base

Gift Bag

Color Gift Bags

Gift Wrapper

Assorted Paper Cups

Kids Party Cups

Assorted Cup Lids

Assorted Party Bags

Aluminium Trays

Fashion Gift Bags

Kids Gift Bags

Special Gift Bags

Gift Shopping Bag

Foam Take Away Box

Foam Plates

Foam Take away Box

Foam Take away Box

Foam Take away Box

Paper Cups with Tray

Paper Cup Sizes

Plastic Cups & Boxes


Our range of items for parties, gifts, restaurants, shops and cultural events

  • Supply to local restaurants

    Plastic containers, boxes are in good demand for take away food restaurants

  • Supply to wedding parties

    Plastic and paper cups are the best choice for Wedding parties and cultural events

  • Supply to Birthday parties

    Color spoons, forks, knives are part of birthday events

  • Supply to local grocery shops

    Most of the grocery shops they sell plastic cups, spoons, forks, paper bags, cups, gift bags etc.

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